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"Hey, how do you spell Massachusetts?"

"How should I know? Just grab a handful of Scrabble tiles and let fate decide."

this is like a beautiful unicorn of mispellings

Not even close.

Ah yes, the USA

The country with 11 states and 17 founding colonies 

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"on your left"

marvel to dc (via beingnova)

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To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

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I’m kinda really pleased with the idea of Inhumans replacing Mutants in the Marvel movie-verse. The X-series have always felt really separate to me, probably ‘cause I hang out on opposite ends of the spectrum with X-Force and Cosmic. Cross-overs happen, of course, but Wolverine showing up in Cosmic stuff is only slightly less of an eye-roller than Cosmic What-The-Hell-Is-Going-On Spider-Man. (The Jean Grey Guardians thing was alright, but I really, really don’t like Scott or anyone closely tied to him besides, uh, Cable, so that’s my problem.) But the Inhumans make the movie-verse feel a lot less fractured and so very Cosmic oriented, and I ain’t complaining.

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this is my favorite page of Windblade #1

the whole issue is gorgeous but LOOK AT ALL THESE GUYS


I always love seeing characters that don’t get enough screentime ;u;

Defo the page I was like “I am now 100% sold on this series”

My fav as well. Charming written descriptions (Tall Tankor and Fat Tankor…), great visual appearances. Can’t wait to see more of the cast show up, even if just cameos. 

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I don’t have much to say about the Windblade issue. Didn’t hate it, nothing to complain about, nothing particularly groundbreaking either. Honestly, Starscream and Swindle kinda stole it for me, which I suppose was kind of the point.

But goddamn, that art is so freaking gorgeous, never, ever, ever stop.

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Omfg, Haunted Highways is so freaking stupid, I want to cry.

Let’s throw a two-inch-long gps chip between two slabs of meat so the devil cat whatever can drag it away, because that’s what big cats do. With large prey. Not 5 inches of chicken. Oh no, you found the GPS in the dirt?? Great, at least the poor thing didn’t choke to death on it, you really thought that through. Great job potentially following a large predator to where it’s eating, btw.

WHOA, HOLY FUCK, WHAT WAS THAT NOISE???? A coyote. They make all kinds of noises, let me tell you. I’VE NEVER HEARD A SOUND LIKE THAT BEFORE. Okay, city boy. OMG, LOOK, IT’S WALKING BETWEEN THE TREES, LOOK, LOOK! That is clearly either a mountain lion or a bear. Of which there are plenty. Which will gladly show up when you hang a bunch of raw fucking meat all over the woods, I mean, really, cryptids aren’t the only things out there, you are literally doing the extreme opposite of what every campsite tells you not to do, what are you even, I don’t even, just go home.

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Name: Chelsea
Age: 22
Sexuality: Het.


Food:  Too fricken’ many. Salads, meats, breads, foods. 
Drink: Baja Blast, water, Sprite, juices, Martinelli’s. 
Book: Count of Monte Cristo 
Author:  Alexandre Dumas and Jim fucking Starlin. 
Song: Kings of Leon stuff (On Call right now, ugh), Filthy Gorgeous, Hip to Be Square, Hooked on a Feeling, and the rest of the list at the moment. 
Movie:  The Odd Couple, Big Lebowski, 1776, Robocop, Tron…. 
TV Show:  Transformers stuff, and like, Vikings, I guess, ‘cause that’s the only thing I’ve really kept up with lately. Kill la Kill if you count animu right now I guess. 
Band/group: Kings of Leon
Solo Artist:  …let’s be honest, I don’t pay attention to anything in any great detail outside of Kings of Leon. 
Place: Uh. Traveling, high places with views, in my car in a direction that is not toward Orange County, my air mattress, Mars. 
Sport: Jousting. 
Male Actor: …whoever…is going…to play Thanos. In advance. 
Female Actor:  Ryuuko’s voice actor in Kill la Kill, ahem. 


Best Friends: ???
Siblings: Nope. 

Dream Job:  I don’t even know anymore. Making money. 
Languages:  English, sometimes. If not, try French, German, or Russian. 


Reason Behind URL:  It sounded cute. I laugh a lot, but I am dead inside. Take your pick. 
# of Posts: 30,629
Why You Joined: I dunno, 4chan was getting old or something. Just following the migration patterns.  
First URL:  Kilodom

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A few minutes ago my coworker said “The sexual position formerly known as 69 will now be referred to as 96. Due to the economy, the price of eating out has gone up.”

My boss is still crying.

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Never Forget
Art by
 Miguel Sepulveda & Jay David Ramos
Words by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning 

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